Assembled EMC power cable

Type selection (special lengths on request)
TypeFeaturesMore info
NK-SG122 m, C13 more info
NK-SG12-D2 m, C13, choke more info
NK-SG13-D3 m, C13, choke more info
NK-SG02-D2 m, strand, choke more info
NK-SG03-D3 m, strand, choke more info
NK-SG05-D5 m, strand, choke more info

Power supply cable EMC

The assembled mains connection cables NK-SG... are an effective means against conducted and radiated interference and thus very well suited for achieving a higher interference immunity. By sheathing the copper conductors with the extrudable "EMC/COM" (ferrite coating), the cable becomes a low-pass filter. High frequencies are absorbed by the magnetic and dielectric losses of the ferrite granules, and the RF energy is converted into heat. The attenuation of the interference is proportional to the conductor length, and the flexibility of the line is only slightly affected.

With a current-compensated choke encapsulated in the Schuko plug, the effectiveness of the power cord is again decisively increased. The NK-SG... power cable provides excellent protection for connected devices against interference from the supply network. The cause of such interference is, for example, high-frequency interference (sinusoidal or transient) generated by switching operations. In tests with burst generators (IEC 61000-4-4), the interference threshold is raised considerably.