Accessories Multifunction device AXOS 5 / 8

TW8Telecom Wave Impulse Module (only for AXOS 8) more info
DIP 1161-phase DIPs Transformer more info
Switch BoxFor connecting up to 3 additional devices more info
VTM 15000Impulse transformer more info
VTM 15000/5Impulse transformer more info
MSURGE-AAntenna coil for magnetic field tests more info
IP4BCapacitive coupling clamp more info
PDP 8000Differential HV impulse measurement probe more info
PAT 1000
Attenuators required for EFT / Burst generators.
PAT 50A and PAT 1000 - calibration acc. IEC/EN 61000-4-4
more info
EFT Burst Verification SetEFT/Burst Verification Set: Attenuators, BNC cable in functional case for verification of burst signals more info
Verification AdapterTo check the EFT/Burst wave shape of AXOS
FP-COMB 323-phase Coupling / Decoupling Networks
(further CDNs under "Coupling networks for AXOS 5 / 8")
more info
PCD 121 / 122 / 126ACoupling Networks more info
DEC 5 / 6 / 7Decoupling Networks more info