Voltage Interruption Generator

Short-term voltage dips, short-term interruptions and voltage fluctuations can occur in any operation. However, the affected devices must not suffer any permanent functional restrictions or damage. The IEC 61000-4-11 (AC) and IEC 61000-4-29 (DC) standards describe the immunity test of single-phase and three-phase electrical and electronic equipment, devices and installations with an input current of up to and including 16 A per conductor at their AC mains connection in the event of these voltage differences.

The VIS 1700 voltage interruption generator simulates short-time interruptions 100% AC and DC, voltage dips with external step transformer, voltage fluctuations with automatic ramp function (‘bathtub function’) and inrush current measurement.

Accessories for voltage interruption tests

Accessories are available for simulating voltage interruptions. Let us advise you!