Modular Surge Test System PSURGE 30.2

IEC/EN 61000-4-5
IEC/EN 61010
IEC/EN 60050-1
IEC/EN 60664

Energy surges are generated by atmospheric lightning in power circuits. A surge is characterized by high energy and relatively fast lead times. The pulse duration varies widely, as do the coupling paths.

This test system from Haefely is used to perform high energy surge testing and is suitable for Combination Wave IEC /EN 61000-4-5 testing, safety testing such as IEC 61010 and many others.

The PSURGE 30.2 is designed to generate a broad variety of surge impulses. Four impulse modules are included in the scope of delivery. They can be exchanged quickly allowing PSURGE 30.2 to be used for different applications. Impulse module type is detected by the system software.

The built-in microprocessor control unit serves as user interface and control all the internal functions.

When adding the remote control option, it is possible to use the PSURGE 30.2 with the WinPATS control and reporting software. The integration in the WinPATS control and reporting software package enhances an efficient set-up and operation of this test system. Most importantly, the test load can be transferred to a computer freeing valuable resources.

An integrated test cabinet provides optimal and safe connections for component testing.

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  • One test system for up to four pulse shapes
  • Up to 30 kV pulse voltage and up to 30 kA pulse current
  • Automatic polarity switching
  • Monitoring of peak voltage and peak current
  • Integrated large test cabin
  • Remote control option and combination with WinPATS control software

The scope of delivery includes four pulse modules with different power, as well as the coupling/decoupling network FP SURGE 3010:

  • Pulse module PS-30-CW
  • Pulse module PS-30-8x20
  • Pulse module PS-30-10x350
  • Pulse module PS-30-10x1000
  • CDN FP SURGE 3010

The pulse modules can be exchanged quickly so that the PSURGE 30.2 can be used for different applications. The type of pulse module is automatically detected by the system software.

The interlocked test chambers allow your operators to test safely and easily. The warning light clearly indicates the system status.

A surge test determines how a device behaves when there are disturbances in the line voltage. These disturbances are comparable to the effects of lightning strikes. Surge voltages and currents can reach several thousand volts and amps, respectively. A test generator like a PSURGE test system generates or simulates the necessary strong voltage peaks for all levels according to IEC / EN 61000-4-5.