Surge / Hybrid Generator CWG 1500

IEC / EN 61000-4-5

EMC problems? Something that you as an installer or operator of devices, systems and plants can well do without - and must by law! Only those who effectively analyze existing interference potential ensure smooth functioning. For more than 30 years Schlöder has been developing and producing high-performance EMC test and measurement technology. Innovative, durable high-tech test equipment that meets all global requirements of manufacturer and industry certifications - including user-friendly software and EMC standard-compliant accessories. Fast, well-founded consulting always keeps your individual customer needs in mind. Schlöder accompanies you in every project phase - from product selection to installation and support. For example, when it comes to surge / hybrid generators - such as our test generator CWG 1500.

What is the Surge / Hybrid Generator CWG 1500? 

The test generator CWG 1500 is a combined surge current generator or surge voltage generator. Its task: to realistically simulate high-energy interference pulses! The CWG 1500 enables EMC tests on systems and equipment according to the IEC / EN 61000-4-5 standard. At no load, the combined surge generator and hybrid generator generates a standard surge voltage with the waveform 1.2 / 50 µs as well as a standard surge current with the waveform 8 / 20 µs.

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  • Charging voltage: 0.2 – 4.4 kV
  • Short circuit current: 0.1 - 2.2 A
  • Loading time: < 10 sec
  • At no-load: generation of standard impulse voltage waveform 1.2 / 50 µs, standard impulse current waveform 8 / 20 µs
  • BNC outputs for current and voltage measurement via oscilloscope
  • Memory function, call test level 1-4, up to 32 memories
  • Durable, because of high quality components
  • Single-phase integrated coupling network
  • Coupling of test pulses to supply lines of the device under test
  • Extensive accessories
  • Optional: remote control via PC, EMC software
  • Weight: appr. 18 kg

The Hybrid Generator and Surge Generator CWG 1500 offers internally three different measuring circuits for physically correct measurement of surge pulses - L against N, L against PE and N against PE. The device displays the values for current and voltage clearly and concisely. Perform oscillographic evaluations? BNC outputs for current and voltage are available for this purpose on the hybrid generator rear panel. Thanks to the integrated single-phase coupling network, interference pulses / output variables of the hybrid generator can be coupled to the supply lines of the equipment under test by means of discrete coupling capacitors. In accordance with IEC 61000-4-5, 18 µF capacitors (balanced coupling) or 9 µF / 10 capacitors (unbalanced coupling) with sufficient dielectric strength are integrated for this purpose. The HV socket also provides the option of operating external coupling networks from Schlöder or using them for component testing.

Like all Schlöder test instruments, the CWG 1500 is easy and intuitive to operate. With this Surge / Hybrid Generator you have the possibility to preselect all parameters easily, comfortably and clearly. Up to 32 setting options are possible, access is uncomplicated via memory key. Thanks to the serial interface, the system can also be controlled via PC.

The Schlöder control software for EMC test equipment automates the most complex test sequences. With EMC-SOFT you operate Schlöder interference generators like SURGE via USB directly to the PC. Up to nine selectable COM ports are available; the software runs under Windows 10 and 11. Three-phase coupling networks, simulator for power interruption and serial interface cables for the respective devices are included in the package. Interested, still questions? Your Schlöder Customer Service for Professional EMC Equipment, Unterschleissheim, Germany, will be happy to assist you personally!

We offer a wide range of accessories for your CWG 1500 test generator. Such as the CWG 520 3-phase coupling network 4 x 16 A. Or various capacitors, connection cables for external devices, but also our EMC-SOFT control software for surge, burst and mains interruption generators - and much more. Special requirements? Just contact us!

EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility - and means the property of electrical devices or systems to function faultlessly in an electromagnetic environment. The potential for interference from electromagnetic or conducted effects always exists: EMC-certified systems are characterized by the fact that they neither interfere (interference emission, EMI) nor are themselves interfered with (interference immunity, EMS). Legal limit values exist for both.

Mandatory EMC certification by accredited laboratories costs time and money. EMC test and measurement technology helps to detect EMC problems already during product development: So the later certification runs fast, uninterrupted and smoothly. Standard-compliant Schlöder EMC test and measurement technology is tailored to the system to be tested and follows the EMC product or basic technical standards when testing immunity to interference.

A surge test determines how a device behaves in the event of disturbances in the mains voltage. These disturbances are comparable to the effects of lightning strikes. Surge voltages and currents can reach several thousand volts or amps. A test generator like a surge generator generates or simulates the necessary strong voltage peaks for all levels according to IEC / EN 61000-4-5.