Magnetic Field Test System

 IEC 61000-4-8

The MAG 1000 from HAEFELY is an immunity test system of line frequency magnetic fields and fully compliant with IEC 61000-4-8.

The MAG 1000 consists of two units, a power supply and a coil to generate the magnetic field strength. The values of the magnetic field are entered using the LCD display and the buttons on the front of the power supply.

The magnetic field is generated in the center of the coil with a maximum deviation of 3 dB. The dimensions of the coil allow the use of large test objects. It can be used for testing in both the vertical and horizontal planes by simply rotating the coil antenna. Both short-time and continuous tests are possible.

Performance features

  • Construction
    2 modules:
    - Coil
    - Power supply
  • Easy to use tests
    - Compact and mobile system (with wheels) - easy to rotate
    - Robust construction
    - Simple user interface and keypad - even for untrained personnel
    - Tests in the vertical as well as in the horizontal plane

Data sheets