ESD simulator ESD ONYX 30 | 30 kV

ISO 10605
IEC / EN 61000-4-2
IEC / EN 61000-6-1 & -6-2
and others

The ESD simulator ONYX 30 from HAEFELY, Switzerland is suitable for performing EMC tests on systems and equipment according to the standard ISO 10605. The modular interchangeable RC units enable a wide range of tests.

ONYX 30 is an ergonomic test generator with up to 30 kV:
Air discharge (AIR) and contact discharge (CON).

It does not require a base unit and can be operated via a built-in rechargeable battery or mains power. The device has a user-friendly touch screen, ergonomic design and remote control software.

The supplied accessories include a carrying case, a user manual with quick start guide, a factory calibration certificate, various RC modules and a battery charger.

Do you need specific adaptations? We offer additional optional accessories for more flexibility and adaptability of the ONYX 30 to your specific needs and applications.

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  • Air and contact discharge: 1 - 30 kV
  • Discharge repetition: adjustable from single to 20 Hz
  • Discharge counter: up to 9999
  • Standard R/C network: 150 pF / 330 Ω
  • Voltage resolution: 100 V steps
  • Discharge polarity: positive & negative
  • Operating modes: single & continuous
  • NiMH battery with an operating time of approx. 8 hours at 30 kV contact discharge
  • Weight: 1.7 kg

In practical carrying case including accessories:

  • Test tip contact discharge
  • RC module 150 pF/330 Ω
  • Battery charger incl. AC adapter for Europe, USA, China, UK
  • 2 rechargeable battery packs
  • Ground cable

  • Powerful discharge. Air and contact discharges up to 30 kV, tailored to your specific test requirements.
  • Flexible standard conformity. Various interchangeable RC modules for adaptation to various international standards.
  • User friendly. Ergonomic all-in-one design and easy operation via touchscreen.
  • Flexible in use. Operation via battery or mains operation - including practical carrying case for flexible use in different locations.
  • Reliable control. Integrated self-test and charge absorber for precise and reliable test results.
  • Multifunctional "Smart Key" function. User-defined settings and automation of certain processes.

Because of the adaptability of the ONYX 30 using various RC modules, it can be configured for a wide range of standards and therefore for many other industries and specifications.

Development and design: To ensure compliance with ESD safety standards in the early stages of product development.

Quality assurance and test labs: Routine ESD testing to verify compliance with international and national standards.

Production: Testing of end products for ESD resistance.

Research and development: Investigating the behavior of materials and components under ESD conditions in R&D laboratories.

Repair and maintenance: For testing EMC resistance after repairs or during regular maintenance work.

Automotive industry: For tests on vehicle electronics to prevent faults caused by ESD events.

Aerospace: Where strict EMC requirements apply to the safety and functionality of electronics.

Medical technology: In the manufacture and testing of medical devices.

Telecommunications: For testing devices and infrastructures that must be resistant to ESD events.

The ONYX 30 is the comprehensive and flexible solution for professionals who want to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of their products. With its user-friendly interface, robust design and extensive technical capabilities, the ONYX 30 ESD simulator is synonymous with the highest quality and reliability in professional circles.