Calibration of EMC Equipment

Factory calibration (traceable to ISO 9001 or following to ISO 17025)
Accredited calibration (DAkkS, ISO 17025)

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed numerous standards in the fields of electrics and electronics to ensure safe and reliable operation of technical products. Furthermore, numerous standards and norms for measurement and control technology, automotive sector etc. have been initiated by associations and communities of interest.

Regular calibrations are necessary to determine whether the defined technical parameters of a test and measuring instrument are within the standard.

    In general, we distinguish between the following types of calibrations:

    • Factory calibration (traceable to ISO 9001 or following to ISO 17025)
    • Accredited calibration (DAkkS, ISO 17025)

    Many devices of Schlöder GmbH are delivered with factory calibration and calibration certificate as standard. On request we can offer accredited calibrations for almost any of our instruments and accessories.

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    ​​​​​​For the accredited calibration of our products we cooperate with different partner laboratories. The advantage of an accredited calibration is the acceptance by auditors as well as in international business. In case of deviations from the standard parameters, no adjustment of the instruments is necessary. An accredited calibration is usually required annually for the companies concerned. Since we receive special prices from the partner laboratories as a quantity orderer, please ask us for an offer.

    During a factory calibration, we put our devices through their paces in our own laboratory. If we detect deviations from the specified standard parameters, we usually adjust the device at no additional charge. As part of the factory calibration - which we recommend should take place every two years - we also carry out free firmware updates.

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