Customized products upon customer request

It regularly happens that our customers place special requirements on our equipment that cannot be realized with our standard series. However, we are able to respond to your customer requests and develop customized special solutions tailored to your individual specifications.

In this case, the product was a Helmholtz coil MGA HCST 50-28 which, in its standard version, achieves a magnetic field strength of 138 dBµA/m at 200 kHz, which corresponds to 8 A/m. However, for his product test, the customer needed a coil with 10 A/m (140 dB (µA/m). Our engineers then developed a solution with a coil that can even achieve 148 dB (µA/m) = 25 A/m, which is significantly higher than the customer's requirements.

For each inquiry, we check the customer-specific technical requirements and then recommend the appropriate products with accessories to meet your requirements. However, our engineers are also happy to develop individual special solutions in line with the customer's request, provided that this lies within our know-how spectrum and is economical for the customer. Extensive know-how and many years of experience of our engineers enable us to understand and fulfill even special requirements.

Therefore, customer service begins with us even before the purchase!