Burst-Generator 125 kHz

IEC / EN 61000-4-4

The test generator SFT 1400 simulates quick transient noise interference as they are defined in the standards IEC / EN 61000-4-4. The single pulses show a very short rise-time (5 ns) and due to this a wide RF-spectrum up to 300 MHz. RF-interferences are the result.

Performance features

  • Functionality
    All burst parameters can be changed during a burst test. This guarantees that it can be easily and continuously to detect the fault threshold of the test specimen. An interruption of the test for a parameter change at the burst generator is not necessary
  • Burst pulse in practice - Real-Burst
    The pulse burst occurring in practice does not comply with the definiton of the standard. Its physical properties are deviating against the standard definition. The generator SFT 1400 provides the user a variety of special features such as „Real Burst“, which simulates the natural appearance of the Burst pulse or „Noise“ can be simulated with the contact bounce
  • Time accurate triggering
    To localisation of faults, it is possible to couple the burst pulse very accurately to a certain process time of the EUT. The burst pulse microsecond exactly triggered with a jitter of < 25ns.