Burst-Generator 2 MHz

IEC / EN 61000-4-4

The test generator SFT 1420 simulates quick transient noise interference as they are defined in the standard IEC / EN 61000-4-4. The single pulses show a very short rise-time (5 ns) and due to this a wide RF-spectrum up to 300 MHz. RF interferences are the result.

Performance features

  • Functionality
    All burst parameters can be changed during a burst test. This guarantiees that it can be easily and continuously to detect the fault threshold of the test specimen. An interruption of the test for a parameter change at the burst generator is not necessary.
  • Burst pulse in practice - Real-Burst
    The burst pulse occurring in practice does not comply with the definition. Its physical properties are deviating against the standard definition. The generator SFT 1420 provides the user a variety of special features such as „Real Burst“ which simulates the natural appearance of the Burst pulse or „Noise“ can be simulated with the contact bounce.
  • High energy Burst generator 2 MHz
    Due to the high maximum burst frequency of 2 MHz up to 2000 individual pulses can be realized in a burst paket. The SFT 1420 is the world's only generator with this high burst frequency and allows very high-energy tests - e.g. drive control.