Immunity DC - 300 kHz

PGA 1241 l PGA 1331

IEC / EN 61000-4-16
IEC / EN 61000-4-19
IEC / EN 61543
IEC 60255

The power generator PGA 1241 is suitable for EMC testing in accordance with standard IEC / EN 61000-4-16 in the frequency range from DC to 300 kHz. The PGA 1241 is predestined for all applications requiring fast changing signals with high power. The power stage with 250 W (800 W) delivers a maximum output current up to 5 A (16 A) with a voltage gain of 10.

The precision power generator is available in different versions:

  • PGA 1241-5A: 5 A / 260 
  • PGA 1241-16A: 16 A / 800 W
  • PGA 1241-PSG 300 optional: Connection of an external voltage source: 50 Ohm output, for short-time tests up to 300 V. The power generator can also be used instead of PGA 1331 if an additional voltage source is connected.

For IEC / EN 61000-4-16, the PGA 1241 is designed for continuous disturbance quantities (test levels 1 to 4 and X to 50 V), while the PGA 1331 is required for short-term disturbance quantities up to 300 V. Both devices can be operated as stand-alone devices and integrated into existing test systems. If both continuous disturbance quantities and short-time disturbance quantities are to be tested, PGA 1241 and PGA 1331 are required and connected together.

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  • Frequency range: DC - 1 MHz (small signal -3 dB)
  • Power bandwidth: DC - 200 kHz
  • Slew rate: 100 V/µs
  • Output voltage: 50 Vrms / ± 75 Vpeak
  • Output current and power PGA 1241-5A:
    5 Arms / ± 7.5 Apeak l 260 W
  • Output current and power PGA 1241-16A:
    16 Arms / ± 24 Apeak l 800 W


  • Frequency range:
    DC, 0.05 Hz - 300 kHz; resolution 0.05 Hz
  • Frequency accuracy: ± 20 ppm
  • Signal types: Sine, triangle, square wave
  • Weight PGA 1241-5A/16A: 14 / 32 kg


The PGA 1241 is ideal for use with loads with low impedance (eg. Helmholtz coils). Due to the possible halving of the operation voltage, the power dissipation is reduced accordingly.

The integreated function generator provides sine, triangle or square signals. External signals can be added via an additional input. All functions can be controlled via the supplied application software.

Due to the excellent signal quality and remote control capability via the USB interface the PGA 1241 is the ideal choice for automatic test equipment.

The PGA 1331 is required for short-time disturbance variables up to 300 V. It can also be operated as a stand-alone device. PGA 1241 and PGA 1331 are required and connected together when testing continuous and short-time disturbances.